GoogleHomeについてどういう方向性で記事を書いていこうか考えている際に、ぶらりと海外のGoogleHomeのアップデート情報のページを閲覧していると見慣れぬ通知が出てきました。何かと思ったら、Google Homeのサポートの方からのチャット要請でした。せっかくなので、質問してみました。質問した内容は、「GoogleHomeの次回アップデート情報」と「バグの改善情報」です。


サ)Thanks for contacting us! My name is Rich(support). I’m happy to answer any questions you have about Google Home.
サ)With whom am I chatting with?
私)I’m in Japan as Google Home User.
サ)Great! How are you doing?
サ)How can I help?
私)I’m fine.
私)I am looking for next update information of google home.
サ)I appreciate letting us know about this. Let me assist you.
サ)May I know what type of update are you looking for?
サ)Is it the update of the Google Home device itself?
私)thanks. I’m looking for new functions and
私)Bug improvement information
サ)Got it. When it comes with updates with the device itself, it will automatically update, as long as the Google Home device サ)is connected to the Wi-Fi and to a power source.
サ)For updates about features or functions that was announced we can go to サ)
サ)This is where updates are being posted, like new functions or features, partner apps and home automation devices.
サ)You can also visit
私)I see, thank you.
サ)The auto update that the Google Home receives are the one that eliminates any possible bugs that it may encounter.
サ)My pleasure! Is there anything else that I can help you with your Google Home device?
サ)I do not have anymore. Thank you.
サ)My pleasure! I am glad I was able to provide you with the assistance that you need with your Google Home! There’s a サ)short survey coming up and we’d love to hear your feedback about our interaction today. Thanks for contacting the サ)Google Home Support Team! Have a great day!
サ)Let us know how we did:



Googleさんのサポートはすごいですね。会話が終わったあとに思ったことは、「Are you human or Ai?」と質問して見れば良かったかなと。